Megan Gordon • 18 July 2012

Question: How much does a hipster weigh?

Answer: An instagram!

Lolz aside, the guys of World’s End Press are way cooler than straight up inner city variety hipsters – they’re down to earth, talented dudes with wicked senses of humour! The guys recently toured Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney in support of new single ‘Second Day Uptown’ and they were so kind as to keep an instagram tour diary for us. Check it out.

World’s End Press Instagram Tour Diary

Just before the curtain comes up in Melbourne. Tom's too busy taking badly focused photos to warm up properly

Our bass player Sashi

When the driver alerted the authorities after we followed him for 20 minutes to get this photo, our lawyer felt "Instagram" wouldn't hold up as a proper response in court

After listening to our incessant kick drum for an entire tour, we were all pulling this face on the plane home as well

We didn't get a chance to actually swim at the hotel because we were busy sound you better have appreciated the sound Sydney, cos I was thinking about swimming the whole time

I said this burger was THE bomb, not A bomb.... Security didn't get it, neither did the band

Our video was on rage this morning, Keith Urban was on directly after

Did you get a t-shirt? If you missed out you're gonna have to iron your own. We no longer provide this service


The dapper Sashi from the band also sat down with us to answer a few questions…

‘Second Day Uptown’ is the single you released recently. It definitely feels a more mature, refined effort than tracks like ‘Faithful.’ Do you think that’s a fair assessment? 

Yeah definitely! Nail on the head there actually. When we put out ‘Faithful’ we’d only started to scratch the surface of the sound we were forging as our own. We rushed out an EP, then started touring it. It’s hard to tell from a standalone single, but when you hear the set that we’re about to record for our album, the new songs are the culmination of us wittling down the cracks that were present in our earlier works and nailing that sound we were looking for. Sonically and structurally, we’ve definitely matured and refined it all

We’ve heard about an album coming, how far along are you in the process? Still going, is it finished?

Sure has been a wait eh? All the songs are ready and pre-production is done, so we’re about to go and finish off the remainder of the recording and production side elsewhere. It’s taken a while, but we wanted to get it exactly right this time around, however long it took, until we were totally satisfied with the process. This album’s gotta last. People used to say CD’s would disintegrate in 50 years, but this whole internet thing scares me….I don’t think data disintegrates….does it? (I’ve clearly got Prince fever here, and don’t actually understand the internet properly, please excuse me)

We’ve also heard that you’re heading off to Wales to work on the album. Why Wales?

It seems like a totally bizarre choice, but it makes sense if only because the producer we got, Tim Goldsworthy wanted to record there. Tim was basically our number one choice of producer anywhere, he’s worked on so many albums we hold pretty close as influences, like Hercules and Love Affair, Primal Scream etc. we would’ve gone to Alaska if he wanted. It was a no brainer for us to follow him, plus it’s a chalet in the middle of nowhere, another no brainer….and Queen recorded ‘A Night at the Opera’ there….not such a weird choice now eh?

What details can you give us about the album?

We’ve worked pretty hard on the tracks to make sure they’re varied but still cohesive as an album. Doing an album is the moment you get to indulge slightly and explore all avenues. There’s bright moments alongside a darker undertone that we haven’t expressed much in our recorded material as yet, this is what we’re excited about showing people

Is ‘Second Day Uptown’ representative of the sound of the rest of the record?

In a way yes, but it’s not a pop workout entirely. Although that bright, tight pop satisfaction is something we love offering up and informs our sound deeply, an album needs to delve deeper. We take the our dance influence into as many directions as possible. There are some heavy, extended tracks that we’ve been working into the set that go deeper. I kind of feel that this decade, a lot of dance groups have forgotten about this aspect of a record, it was rampant in the 90’s, but not so much nowadays, a few do it well, but not as much as they used to

What’s influencing the album this time around? 

As a group we’re still total disco fans. You’re always gonna hear that in our music, that late 70’s early 80’s sound of a band working as hard as they can to make a fluid dance track that keeps people moving. We’re also big fans of the late 80’s/early 90’s British vibe where “traditional” bands collided with acid/dance music and had that deep contour to their albums. We’re really intrigued by that, we want to make an album, not a collection of singles

Touring can be intense – are there any annoying habits that any of the band have? 

Wow, the can of worms has been opened! Where to start? I’m gonna be the bigger man and give us equal weight here, because really, we’re all annoying in our own way. Rhys repeats stories over and over and will take you across town of a foreign city, just to find a DVD of a movie he heard exists, that you don’t care about. Tom generally talks about things you don’t care about….laundry and twitter are his forte. John needs constant minding. Anything that isn’t the Melbourne grid, and John’s compass goes haywire and you’ve got a Macauly situation on your hands. I’m aware though that I’m the worst of the bunch. I always thought plane trips were where you refined your joke routine. Same goes for hotel rooms….restaurants….cab ranks….soundchecks…refining means they’re not ready yet….errr, let’s hope we’re still a band after this record.

Do you have any crazy fans yet?

Not exactly….The craziest fans are always at the festivals though. They’re on a different planet. The conversations after a set are intense, people are so amped for the day. They’ll go through the 7 emotional stages of grief in your conversation alone, and that’s just to tell you they loved that bit in the second song that goes ‘der der dumm’.

What’s it like looking out into an audience and seeing people sing the words to your song? 

It’s great, but to be honest, we stopped playing our songs from ‘Faithful’ a while ago, so it doesn’t happen anymore. Plus, the lyrics were ‘to THE faithful’ not ‘to BE faithful’…I don’t think people ever got that right. This upcoming tour hopefully ‘Second Day’ has had enough of a run that people will at least know when to say ‘Second Day….Uptown’

So apart from the album, what’s on the cards for the rest of 2012? 

Well the tour obviously coincides with the single release and it’s accompanying vinyl which we’re pumped about.  The day after we get back from the last show we fly to Wales to hit the studio with Mr Goldsworthy.