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Food, glorious food! A fortnight ago, we announced the exciting news that pages would be teaming up with bite-sized but beautiful Paddington boutique The Corner Shop for a fab courtyard party to celebrate William Street Laneway Festival. Well, better start amending those designer shopping lists to take into account a slightly expanded waistline, because the crew behind the annual fête of all things Paddo have just let us in on all the yummy consumables that will be available come 29 September.

This ain’t no Chiko Roll and overpriced bottled water scenario, ladies and gentleman. This is the real, delicious deal. Drool guards on and tastebuds primed! Here’s what will be on offer.

Agapé Organics
If there’s such a thing as a “wrong time for pizza”, we think only spoilsport nutritionists believe in it. But hark! Even the food Nazis on the Biggest Loser wouldn’t have an issue with Agapé Organics spelt pizzas or tasty tapas, which are not only completely SUSTAINABLE but SENSATIONALLY DELICIOUS!

Bite Sized Delights
They say that good things come in small packages, and this is especially the case when the package in question is composed out of golden, flaky pastry. Bite Sized Delights is all about the not-so-humble pastizzi.

The Veggie Patch
Homer Simpson may have professed that “you don’t make friends with salad” but, ostensibly, you do make friends when your offerings include veggie burgers comprising of a zucchini, chickpea, feta and mint fritter topped with roasted tomato, beetroot relish and caramelised onions.

Eat Art
Eat Art’s BBQ Beef Brisket served with coleslaw and gravy is the kind of thing that makes you want to shun any edible substances not dispensed of via a stationary vehicle. Seriously, the food these guys make is that good.

Gourmet Gözleme
“A street festival without gözleme?” you may ask. “Pray tell, what kind of street festival is that?” Well, fortunately the folks from William Street Laneway Festival share your passion for the king of savoury Turkish pastries, so you’ll be able to get your spinach and cheese fix prior to hitting the pages X Corner Shop courtyard party. You’re welcome.

With all the unbridled thrills of these savoury gastronomic offerings, you’re probably left wondering “what’s for dessert?”. That’s where YOU and your culinary expertise come in! William Street Laneway Festival is looking for vendors to lend their sugary touch to Paddington’s streets come September 29. If you make macarons worthy of a spontaneous jig, crepes that belong in a Parisian crêperie or some form of magical gelato, there are still stalls available! Interested? Contact Andrea Cooper at Premium Media at We hope to be eating your goods VERY, VERY SHORTLY.

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Photo: Food Is Our Religion