Zac Bayly • 10 February 2011

Cheese and crackers, drinks and dancing, Brad and Ang- sometimes the simplest combinations work best. Following Spring Fashion’s gaudy colour craze, we’re feeling blinded by the bright. Today, we’re dreaming of the days when things were black and white.

Right now, fashion’s having a black and white ball following the cacophony of hyper-colour covers that hit newsstands last month. And while black and white could have been bland and boring, these images are white hot.

Let’s take a look at spring fashion’s dark side. From Love‘s Kate Moss x Lea T lip lock to Lara Bingle’s smoldering cover shoot for Oyster, we round up the latest black(andwhite)tastic editorials.


You may have heard rumours in the middle of last year that Australian super stylist Imogene Barron was shooting Lara Bingle for the cover of Oyster. It turned out the shoot was for her sweet zine LOVEWANT, but almost a year later Barron’s done a backflip.

With a shoot by Stephen Ward and Georges Antoni, Oyster has put the woman that the Australian public shares a love/hate relationship with on the cover with the words ‘Sold Out’. We love it. Talk about sexy!


Phwoar! Hedi Slimane’s shoot for the latest issue of VMAN is sure to get readers a little hot under the collar. The shoot is titled ‘Warrior’, and stars Request’s Christopher Wetmore: a 21-year-old model who’s just returned from active duty in Iraq. Styled by Melanie Ward, Wetmore sports All American athletic-inspired menswear, or sometimes just his underwear. [Ed. Note: VMAN is currently on the hunt for the next big thing in male modeling. Read more here.]

Vogue Italia:

Gaudy clothes sure can’t beat the subtle sexiness of glistening skin. For Vogue Italia’s February issue, Ruby Aldridge and Alejandra Alonso really shine in this Francesco Carrozzini-shot story.


Even without the all-out nudity we’ve come to expect from Purple, this shoot with the incredible Constance Jablonski wearing nothing but Yves Saint Laurent is sexy as sin.

Vogue Italia:

Did you see the colour bright cover of Vogue Italia‘s February issue? Have a look through the full shoot, and you’ll see more of the same kind of poppy polished images. However, the stand-out pics were the ones where Candice Swanepoel is shot raw and smokin’ in black and white.


You’re probably sick of hearing about it—I know we are—but LOVE’s sexy lip-locking cover has really caused a stir in the blogosphere. The words ‘This Is Hardcore’ are supposed to sum up the direction of the issue, and while the whole transgender thing really isn’t that hardcore anymore, you can’t ignore that this was one bold move for the magazine world.


Of course, we couldn’t bang on about black and white shoots for six hundred words without mentioning the fantastic monochrome-themed shoot in our latest issuePages‘ Editor Lucinda Constable Rose styled our February issue’s beautiful main fashion story, which stars Avril Alexander from Vivien’s.

As usual, Pages brings you the hottest new fashion from around the globe, this time embracing black and white in an almost eery story shot in and around an empty house in the woods.