MARTY SMILEY • 28 June 2012

The CHANNEL [V] PRESENTER SEARCH 2012 is heating up with the TOP 2 FINALISTS now announced! Over 6,000 people applied and now Marty Smiley and Bridget Hustwaite will battle it out for the title on The Riff @ 10.30am this Saturday the 30th of June.

We asked both finalists for their 10 tracks! Check out Marty’s below and Bridget‘s here. Compare contrast and let the battle begin!


Bon Iver – Wolves Pt. I & II
This is simply a beautiful song, full of heart. Seeing this live was one the best musical experiences I’ve had. I almost lost my voice screaming ‘What might have been lost’

Ghostface Killah – Paragraphs of Love (feat. Estelle)
Total boss. Left Wu-tang, smashed a solo career. Bonafined gangster but not too gangster that it’d stop him from doing a song (or album) like this one. His rhymes drip like melting chocolate hearts! Corny? Estelle’s vocals on the chorus make me weak at the knees. And it’s my goal to one day sing this to a girl.

Beatles- Eleanor Rigby
My favourite Beatles song. The story behind is way less meaningful than I thought it was, BUT it’s such a tune. Sombre, tragic, gripping and epic. The orchestral backing is shiver inducing stuff. And I also just like that name.

Craig David – Rise & Fall (feat. Sting)
Classic Craig David song. All about how hard it is being him when he gets so many women and has too much money for his own good. Sting comes in on the chorus which surprisingly was a rad match up. I love to chuck this track on after waking up after a big night or leaving your house to walk to the train station- you can groove your way along the footpath.

Drake – Shut it Down (feat. the Dream)
From start to finish this song is a masterpiece! Drake is so good at painting a picture of what’s in his mind. Even if it is just women and money. The Dream’s chorus is… Well… A dream. And I never hold back from singing all of it in the worst kind of falsetto.

Jackson 5- I want you back
This is my favourite song. I can’t help smiling when it comes on. Dancing is inevitable. It reminds me of my childhood, wanting to be MJ, and it can instantly send me back to the playground with hands full of tan bark.

Artic Monkeys – Mardy Bum
I like this for selfish reasons… And a dear friend of mine calls me Mardy Bum. I turn the lights off and dance to this song.

Michael Jackson – Rock with you
Although sometimes it can change depending on my mood- this is my favorite MJ song.

Buddy Holly – Everyday
This is a song my Dad and I share. I thinks it’s his favourite. Everytime it comes on somewhere (which is rare) we turn and point at each other, smile and mime the words.

Edith Piaf – Milord
My mum went to a French boarding school when she was growing up in Lebanon. I grew up listening to Edith Piaf, at first I rejected it because my friends clearly weren’t listening to it. (they were listening to Hanson) but as time went on I also fell in love with her. This song fires up the passion within!