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Megan Gordon • 13 September 2012

The xx, despite being softy-spoken, generally pretty shy, and decidedly laid back, are a band most people have very strong feelings about. Their stripped back, reverb soaked indie-electro won them the 2010 Mercury Prize for their debut album xx and now they’ve returned with another featherlight album of minimal electro in Coexist.

Despite being one of the most blogged about and hype-heavy names in the industry, there remains one element of the band that isn’t discussed much. Namely,  that their sound matches their style perfectly. Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith have a kind of androgynous, simple, understated style that pairs well with their minimal music. Above all else, there’s one thing that stands out about images of the band however, and that’s the black factor.

Black, the dark friend of many a woman and man seeking to smooth out an unwanted protrusion or dumpy-bump, can also be a foe. Wear too much black and you risk looking, well, a bit lifeless. Despite the band constantly wearing dark threads head-to-toe all their waking hours, they mange to avoid looking downright downcast and come off looking appropriately simple and straightforward with a touch of edgy and a sprinkling of a dark dolefulness. That this sentence could easily be used to describe their music is testament to the fact that the group are more style conscious than they have previously been given credit for. Turns out, The xx truly do wear their hearts on their sleeve and today we’re celebrating their understated music and minimal style with a series of images and key pieces needed to mimic their look.

The xx: The Dark Side

Key items: layered silver chains, and a deep dark blood red matte lipstick.

Get the look: Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in Fire Down Below / Chained Cross Necklace in Gold and Silver 

Key items: simple black blazer, and a silver 80s style Casio watch.

Get the look: London Blazer in blackCasio Mini Digital Watch

Key items: simple black shoes, and black slim trouser.

Get the look: Black leather sneakersL’AGENCE Leather leggings

So, what are you waiting for? Explore your dark side and Coexist with The xx.

Coexist - The xx