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Megan Gordon • 16 October 2012

The music people make often has a strange way of reflecting not only the personality of the musician, but also the style. It’s no coincidence for instance that The xx gravitate towards simple, understated and black ensembles. Much like their music, the band prefer to remain somewhat in the shadows, maintaing both a low-key look and profile.

We turn now to Ellie Goulding, whose angelic face and champagne hair matched the ethereal and electro-bubbly-pop of her debut record. And now that Ellie has released her sophomore album Halcyon, which is more mature and stylistically diverse, we have a new look for the Brit-poppette.

Pink hair along with its green, purple and blue counterparts, has long been relegated to the world of misfits and punks. Until recently it was a statement of division rather than of style. That is, until it re-entered the world of the fashion forward space circa 2011 and started to streak popular manes with its lively salmon hues and candy colours. Pink was in, as rose, coral and fuchsia saturated tresses began to blush catwalks and sidewalks in fashion-friendly cities across the globe.

In steps Ms. Goulding’s whose take on the trend is as sweet and light as her cloud brushing vocals. One worry with a hairstyle movement like this is, it can go horribly wrong. A colour statement, or crazy-hairdo takes a lot of personality, finesse, good bone-structure and above all fastidious management of the do in question. Ellie Goulding’s first documented appearance with her Candy-floss locks was at the 2011 BRIT Awards. Since then, she has flawlessly maintained a subtle and pretty mane of cascading pinks, never a hint of tint in the wrong direction.

So if you’re thinking of tinting, and taking the pastel pink plunge, Ellie Goulding is the muted magenta muse you’ve been waiting for.

Halcyon, Ellie Goulding’s new album is out now. We think you’ll find it is as sonically-forward and pop-pretty as the fashion-forward and pretty in pink lady herself.

If you want to see Ellie whip her hair back and forth a la Willow Smith, she’ll be heading down under for Future Music Festival 2013. Stay tuned, tickets are on-sale this Thursday the 18th of October. More information on Future Music Festival 2013 here.

Halcyon (International Version) - Ellie Goulding

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