Lillian McKnight • 30 July 2012

Despite lending her hand to Great Britain’s slick Olympic performance kit, turns out Stella McCartney isn’t such a great sport. While many of us were too distracted by the classic ‘Spot-An-Athletic-Hottie’ game during the athlete’s entrance at Friday’s unarguably epic Opening Ceremony, it turns out there was a select group of individuals who were more concerned with national sartorial interests than finely chiseled abdominal regions. As Great Britain emerged from the depths of the Olympic stadium, McCartney’s supposed efforts were met with much ire.

The offending uniforms.

The designs— bright white tracksuits trimmed with the gold of champions— were, indeed, a little on the Kim Kardashian side of good taste. Concerned about an uproar that saw the uniforms compared with latter day Elvis garb, Team McCartney took to Twitter.

Far from high-end designer duds, British high street retailer Next were actually behind the resplendently gaudy gear. After all, if Stella’s going to design some tracky dacks, they’re most likely going to involve a floral print and some variety of pleather.

Despite the bad press, the pages team weren’t too disappointed by Team GB’s Opening Ceremony outfits. With just the right amount of bling, they certainly looked a lot more up for a party than our Aussie athletes. Did somebody say lawn bowls?