Lillian McKnight • 7 August 2012

Ah, the summers of our youth. The fragrance of sunscreen rich in our nostrils, dodgy tanlines and, of course, the requisite Sportsgirl duffel bag to lug all your goodies (towel, Dolly mag, discman with 5ive CD inserted) down the beach. Yes, Sportsgirl is a brand caught up intrinsically with the warm season and, appropriately, their most recent summer showing brought the bright, breezy goods.

With the arrival on Australian shores of various hyped international retailers, there has been a need for our heritage high street stores to up the ante. In the past, catwalk trends would seep excruciatingly slowly into our homegrown chain stores while fashion savvy consumers looked on enviously as major overseas retailers saw a quick, cheap and cheerful turnover of on-trend stock. In recent season’s, Sportsgirl have certainly become more attuned to this changing landscape, and the sixty-four year-old brand’s new offerings are fresh and, most importantly, fashion forward.

Boding well for the brand are fun, bright and brave looks that really push Sportsgirl into exciting territory. With co-ords set to be big in the seasons to come, one particularly standout was an acid yellow jacquard biker jacket and short combo. Representing the retailer’s youthful spirit and a level of sophistication, such pieces and a welcome injection of digital prints really take the Sportsgirl spirit up a notch.

With Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby adaptation a hot Aussie topic, it’s no surprise that the uber luxe 20s trends of fringing, heavy beading, jacquard and gold, gold, gold have found their way to Sportsgirl. The brand is always up for a good bit of statement detailing, and a range heavy in the good stuff will be injected into stores in time for all of those flapper themed parties that are sure to hit the social calendar in upcoming months.

With festival season so close it can almost be tasted, there is also a strong injection of grunge glam, felt in distressed, heavily studded pieces rendered in subdued tones and worn camo prints. The staple Cut & Sew range has this season been realised in sorbet and citrus shades, with the occasional knockout neon thrown in for good measure. High quality fabrication has become a high priority, with lovely silks used throughout at a consumer friendly price point.

Accessories have always been a major player in the Sportsgirl arsenal. While seasons past have seen the brand focusing on the statement piece, summer sees a return to fine, collectible trinkets that are best worn layered. Fluoro accents make for quirky, cool touches in an otherwise delicate treasure trove. In time for Christmas, Sportsgirl will also release it’s stable of purse-friendly stocking fillers— our particular favourite being the bobble headed Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld duo.

With warm weather already on the horizon, you should probably head into Sportsgirl soon to get your first injection of summer loving.