Lucas Yelland • 23 March 2010

The quiet and unassuming brother and sister duo became the #1 act in the country last Friday with their beautiful album ‘Down The Way’. We couldn’t feel any happier for them! We caught up with Angus and Julia in Groupie March, which you can check out right here

Julia sent through some of her intimate notes and sketches from their time recording the album throughout the world exclusively for Groupie readers. Here’s what she scrawled while in New York City:

“Picture a tall building that is taller than me and taller than my father and then taller than centre point… maybe it isn’t that tall.. who can tell with these tall buildings… lets not bother with the height of the building… more importantly is what it looks at… this building looks at the symbol of liberty for the united states.. the beautiful woman that holds a burning flame in the middle of the hudson river… she is magnificent in the afternoon light… strong and proud—… the building also looks at the ferry port where people come and go from stratton island…thousands and thousands every day coming to the city to work… leaving the city to go home… from island to island…….to the west it looks to new jersey….the big colgate clock tells us exactly how long we have til the day wraps itself up in easter egg foil and calls itself a gift…

The building itself is metal and concrete and the like… it is a fine enough building… i have never had much appreciation for buildings so i cannot really tell you more about it’s appearance…….. what i do like about this place down in battery park, is the things that it can see…… and in turn that we can see when we are living inside of it….. the river, the woman, the clock and the port where people come and go…. and the sun-sets are incredible…. we are on the 13th floor….. they are superstitious though and so we are, on paper, on the 14th floor…. there is no 13th floor button in the elevator…. apparently people just don’t want to live on the 13th floor… so they just pretend like it doesn’t exist… only it does exist… and it doesn’t matter how many times we say that we are on the 14th floor…how many times it is written down…. we all know it’s the 13th floor… i don’t think of 13 as an unlucky number. i was born on black friday… and i have been lucky and unlucky… which begs to question the whole idea of luck…

The home on the 13th floor is rob and janie’s- friends of our mum and dad’s— they are now friends of ours also… the house is filled with canvases with beautiful designs in wax…. rob is an artist  who has just started using wax as a new element in his art… angus cut some of his hair for rob to use underneath  the wax… i wanted to get in on the action so cut some of my hair off also— he made two paintings while we were there— so our dna is preserved beneath the wax paintings somewhere down in battery park.. the room that angus stays in is right down the end of the hall… that is where rob’s home studio is with all his guitars… that is where we sat in the early hours of the morning recording ‘santa monica dream’—- angus had been out on the town… enjoying the festivities of manhattan… i had been, all day in that little room down the end trying to get sounds that i liked for this new song i had written that morning… it sounded okay…. the guitar sounded lovely- an old dobro of rob’s that was tuned down— it all sounded okay… just okay though…

Angus came in at about two in the morning. he suggested we sing through it together… to sing our harmonies at the same time….so we set up the old neumann microphone…..and we sang while the wind from the hudson rushed through the thirteenth floor window and into the song…”

‘Down The Way’ is on iTunes here .