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Mish Stampfli • 21 April 2010

Indie screen actress Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward (aka She & Him) release their sophomore album this month and Groupie Art has a chat to the artist behind the visual side of the release.

Aptly named Volume Two the album once again contains Deschanel’s sweet and simple vocals and Wards’ harmonies and production, in what was once a one-off collaboration but is now a fully-fledged live touring band. What’s so refreshing about She & Him is that they don’t follow any trends, with a folky vintage feel to their sound, they simply create music that makes them feel good, and does the same to us in return.

To bring to life the physical form of Volume Two Zooey Deschanel enlisted the talents of Seattle-based graphic designer Kate Quinby who has previously worked with the actress/singer on various projects.

Working for six years in the industry Kate is about to complete her masters degree in graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design. This is the first time she’s attempted cover artwork. “I’ve always been a bit nervous to do creative work for such talented people,” she says, “but I think their music may be inspired by a lot of the same things that also inspire me, so it felt like a perfect fit. Plus, I also totally love She & Him! It’s an honor, and very exciting, to work on a project that I also really love listening to.”