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Mish Stampfli • 8 July 2012

Packed, is the only way to describe the Entertainment Centre on Friday night for the first ever Australian headline tour of New Zealand comedy/singer/songwriter duo Jermaine Clement and Bret McKenzie aka Flight of The Conchords.

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, Clements and McKenzie made a name for themselves combing comedy with folk music on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival circuit, before gaining cult status via their HBO sketch comedy series of the same name. Seven years after the TV series premiered, this much loved duo are still selling out large venues around the world.

After a warm up by TV series regular Arj Barker, Flight of the Conchords came on stage ten minutes early and proceeded to disseminate their quirky comedy and hilarious tunes for a full two hours.

Launching straight into the pounding ‘Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor’, followed by the hilarious ‘Robots’, Jermaine and Bret then regaled the audience with ‘on the road’ stories which, if you have seen their HBO series, were classically dry recounts of what their characters would consider outrageous (read: actually really banal) tour stories as only they could deliver.

Featuring folky classics such as ‘Epileptic Dog’, ‘Carol Brown’, ‘Bowie’ and ‘Hurt Feelings’, their set also included a new song, with a disclaimer that they may forget some words, however they pulled it off seamlessly.

Appearing to just go-with-the -flow of their set, they would often ask each other which track to play next, which incited the audience to participate with suggestions. While their quick wits turned most track suggestions into comedy situations, the ‘shout outs’ got a bit much when Jermaine asked the crowd in his NZ accented, passionate-less voice to ‘not talk anymore’.

Cellist ‘Neil’ (aka “one half of the NZ national orchestra”) joined the boys onstage for the second half of the show and was an appreciated guest star by the fans. Ditching the acoustic guitars for electric, the guys literally ripped off their jeans and t-shirts to reveal glittery, glam rock attire to change up the pace and shred.

An encore included the audience’s long awaited favourite ‘Business Time’ (which was extended and reshaped compared to the original version but delivered all the same) and finished up with Jermaine and Bret standing up from their stools and walking around the stage for ‘Sugar Lumps’, even jumping down into the audience to serenade unsuspecting females.

At a running time of two hours, not one attendee would ever complain of not getting value for money. Their unique brand of comedy and hilarious song writing (delivered via stellar vocals) make Flight of the Conchords live not to be missed (if you can still get a ticket that is!).


Flight of the Conchords continue their Australian tour on the dates below:
Tue 10 July    Newcastle Entertainment Centre NSW                  All Ages

Wed 11 July   WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong NSW     SOLD OUT!
Fri 13 July      Adelaide Entertainment Centre SA                        All Ages
Sat 14 July     The Plenary, Melbourne VIC                                   SOLD OUT!
Sun 15 July    Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne VIC                           All Ages         
Wed 18 July   Challenge Stadium, Perth WA                                SOLD OUT!
Thu 19 July    Challenge Stadium, Perth WA                                SOLD OUT!
Fri 20 July      Challenge Stadium, Perth WA