• 16 October 2012

Fallout is a new play at the Old Fitzroy Theatre, staged by Tamarama Rock Surfers, that examines our relationship to violence and empathy, and how this changes as we grow up. Directed by Kip Williams and written by recent NIDA graduate and Associate Director of the Milk Crate Theatre Company, Maree Freeman, the production is set in a strange locked room inhabited by four teenagers, who are desperate to earn their freedom. Trying to prove their worth to the mysterious figures who watch over them, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta engage in increasingly violent, self-concerned and repressive behaviour — in order to make the ‘clean’ transition into the ambiguous, cold world of adulthood.

Taking a slightly absurdist and Beckett-esque approach, the play confronts the idea of self-discipline, isolation and the way in which the modern world can discourage kindness and connection. Seen through the eyes of those with one foot still in the loved-up and eager-to-please world of childhood, such harsh rights of passage are shown for what Freeman believes them to be — a cruel and solitary march towards a common goal; to “feel nothing.”

Fallout appears at the Old Fitzroy Theatre from 17 October — 3 November. To purchase tickets, visit the website.

Director Kip Williams
Playwright Maree Freeman
Designer Adrienn Lord
Lighting Designer Nicholas Rayment
Sound Designer Nate Edmondson
With Gabriel Fancourt, Lizzie Schebesta, Amanda McGregor & Michele Durman