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• 9 November 2010

Super by Retrosuperfuture are the coolest shades this side of town. Super were the first brand to produce a full range of colourful acetate sunglasses, which were immediately lapped up by consumers world wide. The range is handmade in Italy and utilises only the best materials and manufacturers, only adding to the demand. Since the brands introduction in 2007, Super has been seen on the heads of artists, celebrities, athletes and trend setters world side, including Kanye West, Daft Punk, Justice, The Kills, Sienna Miller and Beyonce.

Want to get this look for summer? Well thanks to SUPER we have five pairs to give away to our lucky readers. Just comment below to win with your answer to “If you could have one SUPER power, what would it be?” Most inventive answer wins!

Competition ends next Friday 19th November at 6.00pm AEST. You need to be a VIP subscriber to enter, so get VIP’ing here!



chocolate says:

The power to look super cool and deflect less cool people.
[img][/img] says:

If I could have one SUPER power, it would be the ability to watch someone do something and be able to do it exactly as perfect. Therefore I’d be able to do things at amazing standards!

kylie says:

I would have super radiation power that I could use to heat up things where ever I want. Cook food in the supermarket and make my enemies blood boil. I’d be a walking, talking Microwave

Nick_Weggery_1983 says:

The ability to get out of uninteresting conversations, like a Jedi mind trick where the annoying individual responsible for boring me to death, who is forcing me to be polite and listen, suddenly glazes over in the eyes and says “I must depart, I have errands to run”. Actually not just for unintersting conversations, but lets make it for any ones you don’t feel like having. Awkward ones, one’s with narcotics agents, people trying to get back that money you borrowed etc. says:

The one superpower i would wish for is to be able to teleport, because it would save so much time and give me more to enjoy life! and id be able to travel to other countries whenever i want and get to experience all the fashions of the world!

cj says:

The power to ‘Command Z’ in real life!

Therizah says:

Atomreation Eyes – Eyes which shoot out certain atoms (choice of the owner, me in this case hehe) which create something out of nothing eg Creation of a desk by shooting out atoms.
[img] SUPER.jpg[/img]

Danielle_Collavino says:

Super laser vision – When wearing sunglasses, my sight won’t be strong enough to burn through anything, but it will be able to point things out. Makes prolonged eye contact particularly awkward and painful during dance offs and job interviews…! says:

Mechinical Fly to see what judges love to read for ME to WIN !

Cathy_Bradley says:

Time travel. I’d go back in time and see all the great artists of the past in their heyday. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin. Woodstock would be mad too. says:

Anti-Hangover powers

Brendon says:


Superpower: Summon Martha Stewart

oh, i dunno; if you suck at design and have a party in an hour, or just need some stock tips, i think this power might come in handy. : )

seli seli says:

my superpower would be teleporting…. I would teleport into the pagesdigital offices and steal these SUPERs and none of you would ever ever know.

Belinda_Bassingthwaighte says:

The ability to see someones awesomeness by looking at them, even the hidden awesomeness

Tristan says:

The BEST super power would to be able to spot heal… like in the new photoshop (CS5!!!)… it would be amazing… you could spot heal ANYTHING! Like I just spot healed the image of SUPER sunnies and it looks great now – though it did look great before too…
[img][/img] says:

The one super power I would want would be the ability to instantly turn any object into custard and the ability to turn custard into anything I want. I think it would be quiet fun to do some street magic where I turn a persons watch into custard, BUT THEN turn it back into a watch. Not the same watch, but a watch. The increased access I would have to custard would also be a bonus.

Elly says:

I want what Superman has and that is to fly! I want to be able to soar and reach new heights!