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Jerico Mandybur • 6 November 2012

Today Prada took its first dip into the mysterious waters of iPad technology — with the launch of its official app, Il Palazzo. The luxury Italian house again collaborated with illustrator Richard Haines on the project, following from their recent art book collaboration in which, Haines got busy drawing the brand’s FW12 menswear collection. Unlike the limited edition book, any old person with an iPad can get their dirty mitts on the Prada app! What’s in it for me? We hear you ask. A lot, actually. For starters, ‘players’ get to explore said palazzo (or palace, if you’re uncultured) itself! Prouncing (that’s prancing and pouncing) around the magnificent palace, visitors will encounter a special showcase of Prada products, a swell as some of Haine’s artworks.

Created by another long-time collaborater James Lima, Il Palazzo is currently showing off a stunning bunch of eyewear from the label’s mens and womens Portrait collection, and later this month the Prada powers-that-be will unveil its flowery Bloom jewellery collection, fit for a (fashion) queen! Head to the iTunes store to download it now, and fall even more in love with both Prada and your iPad (if that’s even possible).