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Lucinda Rose Constable • 20 August 2012

One of the latest scandals of the older man, younger woman scenario is the aptly named ‘Markozy’. Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen’s relationship has been much publicised through the internet, and people can’t seem to get enough. Whilst surely everyone has better things to think about, it is rather hilarious to see the to-do being made over the affair. Last time we checked in (not that often, admittedly), Sarkozy was planning on moving downtown to be closer to MK.

His previous Upper East Side digs weren’t cutting it, apparently. Well we can imagine the traffic trying to get from one end of Manhattan to the other on a daily basis wouldn’t be so crash hot. Now NY real estate and gossip site, Curbed, has released images from Sarkozy’s new purchase – a townhouse in the East Village. Purchased for $6.25 million, the house is looking a bit shabby-chic. However, the pair have been quoted as saying they “like that it is old”. We wouldn’t say no.