Fashion Video


Jerico Mandybur • 12 October 2012

Melbourne’s own cult label, Nobody Denim, have been running their denim studio for over 30 years now, so you know they know their weft from their weave. With the release of their Summer 2012 lookbook, brothers John and Nick Condilis have outdone themselves — creating a collection that combines unique kaleidoscopic repetitions with the knack for colour-blocking and denim-on-denim that the brand is known for. Made up of a sweet pastel palette of lavender, summery apricot, burnt orange and khaki, the stand-out ‘Kaleido’ and ‘Kamo’ prints break up the line, adding a fun element of visual noise. Like a snowflake (of fashion), no two of the kaleidoscopic prints are the same, thanks to their in-house design.

The clean, simple silhouettes of the Kaleido range allow their colours and graphic prints to speak volumes, while the new styles like the ‘Cult Skinny’ and the Sevighn Vest beg to be paired back with basics. The Beau jean however, is Nobody’s latest and proudest creation. Light washed in a classic blue denim colour way, the jeans are designed to be worn and loved like your favourite pair of your boyfriend’s — the kind you’ll never give back. If your’e a fan of pastel purple shorteralls (and really, who isn’t?) then this collection is made for you. Hello Summer!

If you want to see something really trippy, check out the Kaleido campaign video above, shot by Tracey Lee Hayes. You can also download a Kaleido Mix soundtrack by Moonbase Commander, for an afternoon of psychedelic delights. Thanks Nobody!