Art & Design


Lillian McKnight • 14 June 2012

In my vast experience of the male species, I have come to surmise that most— if not all— men look better in uniform. Firemen, hotel staff, hell, even the dude making my burrito at Mad Mex cut quite a fine figure in their company approved workplace attire. Suffice to say, as soon as you get a noted designer working on a uniform, the results are going to be pretty damn special.

Enter Nobody Denim. The Melbourne based purveyors of fine, homespun jeans (every pair is cut, sewn and washed in-house) have crafted a rather special apron for the workers at Collingwood eatery Gorski and Jones. Now, the burden of distance means I have not yet been able to sample the results in the flesh, but the pictures pretty much sum up everything that I already supposed: cute boys in uniform making delicious food is a winning formula.

Crafted from Japanese denim and blending optimum mobility, functionality and plain attractiveness (turns out you can ooze raw masculine appeal in an apron), the aprons are also available online. Any potential love interests should whack one on, cook me Gorski and Jones’ wood roasted lamb with wilted greens and it will be very happy days for all.