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Josephine Pignolet Young Chef of the Year 2010, Cleo bachelor of the year 2011 nominee, co-chef and led Duke Bistro to much success and praise, what’s good for 2012, Mitchell Orr? BUZO! A while back we reported a wild pasta degustation course  which Mitch had prepared that blew our socks off and made us feel great things in our stomachs.

Obviously the man knows his way around some Italian dishes having learnt a ton of things from Giovanni at Pilu at Freshwater, also by travelling extensively to Italy and offering his budding chef skills to a renowned Italian restaurant by the name of Osteria Francescana where he worked for free, and in return got paid in culture, experience and tastes you cannot learn in Australia. Not everyone can whisk themselves off to Italy at the drop of a hat, so we asked Mitch what his 10 favourite Australian Italian resto’s were.

Pilu At Freshwater, On The Beach, Moore Road, Freshwater (02)9938 3331 (see map)
Killer view, killer food. Giovanni hails from Sardegna and showcases all the delicacies from this amazing island, staying true to his region. While it’s traditional it never feels outdated and the team are always tweaking and fine tuning. I always feel like a part of the Pilu family. It really is a special place.

, d’Albora Marina ,The Spit/Spit Road, Mosman +61 2 9969 4088 (see map)
Freshly awarded two hats, the most progressive Italian food we have in my opinion. Alessandro and his team are always pushing the cuisine forward and embracing new techniques and ways of thinking, which is just as important as protecting tradition.

Otto, Area 8 6 Cowper Wharf Road Woolloomooloo +61 2 9368 7488 (see map)
It might be a place some people go to be seen, but the food Richard is putting out is fucking good, thought out and thought provoking, tasty and as pretty as the view. It might fly under the radar when people talk about Italian food, but it shouldn’t.

Vincenzo’s Cucina Vera, 77 Unley Road, Parkside SA 5063, Australia +61 8 8271 1000 (see map)
When a chef has the confidence and creativity to put together a degustation based on what ingredients are available and how much his customers want to eat it’s a pretty special thing. Add to that some crazy good salumi, slow food principles and some of the best service around, it’s something inspiring.

Cafe di Stasio
, 31 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda +61 3 9525 3999 (see map)
Speaks for itself really.

Popollo, 50 McLachlan Avenue, Darlinghurst +61 2 9361 6641 (see map)
Fresh on the scene but with some serious credibility behind it, popollo is fun, casual and tasty. The seaweed fritters are one of the tastiest little balls I’ve had in my mouth this year, no homo.

Lucio’s, 47 Windsor Street, Paddington +61 2 9380 5996 (see map)
Lucio is probably one of the most respected, kindest and most generous people in the industry. Things done the old school way and the right way. You can go to school but you can’t buy class.

Da Noi
, 95 Toorak Road, South Yarra +61 3 9866 5975 ‎(see map)
Da Noi might divide people, it might even be called “very toorak” but I’m from Sydney so that doesn’t really mean a thing to me. Da Noi means “at our place” and that’s what Italian is all about.

Chianti Classico
, 160 Hutt Street, Adelaide  +61 8 8232 7955 (see map)
Breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can’t go to Adelaide and not pay Chianti Classico a visit. What would be the point of going to Adelaide otherwise?

Osteria Balla, 80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont 1800 700 700 (see map)
Italians are also hella flashy. Osteria Balla is stunning place to enjoy lunch. Underneath all the flashiness is soul, food off the woodfired grill, using 100 year old iron bark, that’s special. If you’re lucky enough and the guys have some of their killer tripe on hand ask them to put it on a house made roll. Fuck a slider, that’s what I want to eat, and if the girl you take devours hers as well she’s alright by me.

Chances are you haven’t tried the Pasta Degustation at Buzo yet, interested? Why wouldn’t you, look at those photos. And this guy will be making it!

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