Lucinda Rose Constable • 21 June 2012

Why is it that young girls and older man-friends always seem to cause a stir, especially if the parties are of note. Well, we must admit that this image of Mary-Kate and new beau, Olivier Sarkozy, did ruffle our feathers this morning. Call us old fashioned, but it’s something about the pint-sized starlet looking almost identical to Sarkozy’s tween daughter. Both are wearing similar outfits, after all. Her disinterest to the surrounds is also baffling as she walks along sucking back on a cigarette, deep in her phone conversation.

Half brother to the former French President, Sarkozy is known around town for his philandering ways with young ladies. After unceremoniously giving Stella Schnabel the flick (daughter of Julian Schnabel), Sarkozy quickly found his new prey in the form of Olsen. Former wife Charlotte Bernhard, a previous fashion writer and children’s author apparently called the pairing “grotesque”. We agree, there is just something not right here. Maybe it’s because we still think of MK like this..