Fashion Video


• 25 August 2010

So here’s a scene. Four supermodels are booked for a Miu Miu campaign photoshoot with legendary photographers Mert & Marcus. All is going well until some mate of the photographer knocks on the door and lets herself in, only to start giving her opinion, stop proceedings and insist she direct a behind-the-scenes type video. You might be a bit miffed this lady has added 2 hours to your day but there’s one thing; this is Madonna.

And yes this did happen (apparently.) Madge directed an impromptu Miu Miu campaign video even teaching the models some dance moves to help them along. If that wasn’t surreal enough Mert & Marcus said she was welcome to come in but they couldn’t pay her and they had one big laugh and joke.

The video features Miu Miu models Gina Lapina, Lindsey Wixson, Siri Tollerød, and Daphne Groeneveld messing about in a photobooth, trying their hardest to pull funny faces but obviously looking like seasoned cover girls. It’s a fun, sexy video (we wonder if Madonna got some tips from ex-husband and film director Guy Ritchie?)

Apart from the story, the soundtrack is the best bit; a remix of Boy George’s ‘Generations of Love’, although we’re not sure what Boy George would think of it. He described Madonna in a 2006 interview as, “a vile, hideous, horrible human being with no redeeming qualities. There’s nothing nice about her.” Come on George, think of the royalties.

Laura x

Some twitter feedback on this story:

@kristineNYC So was Madonna also the one who chose @BoyGeorge’s music to be used in the campaign??

@boygeorge Well Madonna loved Jesus Loves You I know!

@MervDM Very cool! Very random!RT @BoyGeorge: Well Madonna loved Jesus Loves You I know!

@spinsist569 Well Done Mister, or is it Bow down Mister??!! 😉