Lillian McKnight • 30 May 2012

If your résumé is a dog-eared piece of A4 paper knocked up using a template on Microsoft Word, take note: your future creative career is in jeopardy. Lucky for you, then, that The Loop will stage a series of Portfolio Masterclasses as part of Vivid Sydney this weekend.

The Loop is a community dedicated to bringing creatives together into one big, happy family of collaborations and career opportunities. The event, held at the newly revamped Museum of Contemporary Art’s Foundation Hall, will see a host of notable figures providing advice and general awesomeness in order to help you develop a killer creative portfolio across any medium your heart desires.

Not just a forum for learning, The Loop Portfolio Masterclasses are also an incredible opportunity to present your work to leading industry personalities. Last year’s event saw eight attendees score jobs. Not bad for a two hour session!

This year’s creative mentors run the gamut of designers, advertisers and even producers. Animation studio Animal Logic will give budding animators the chance to shine, Campbell Milligan, founder of the legendary Monster Children will talk publishing, MTV’s Creative Director Vanessa Zuppicich will lend a helping hand and Micah Walker of The Monkeys (two-time Advertising Agency of the Year at the B&T awards) will nurture all you advertising types. This is just a small slice of the pie in terms of attendees, so I suppose the best course of action is to gather your creative bounty, put on your power suit and just go.

For more information and tickets, visit the website.

The Loop Portfolio Masterclass will take place Sunday June 3 from 4:40pm to 6:00pm at The Vivid Ideas Exchange, Foundation Hall, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.