Toby Allen • 22 September 2012

Dear stoners, hose demons and cone smashers. This is it. This is the one. The one you’ve been waiting for. Ever feel like this scene rings some truth?

You may remember Andrew Levins from such internet escapades featured right here in 1 MILLION IQ, Hip Hoptimists, and Club Al. But more recently, and entirely more importantly, you may have heard about a little side project he undertook WHILST might I add, working his butt off in the kitchen at The Dip, being obnoxious both in and out of the DJ booth at Halfway Crooks and various other places including the place where he spends more than half his recent life at, Goodgod.

Levins wrote a book! A whole book dedicated to making diner food he so passionately cares for, and creates on the daily at The Dip

Deep fried or smoked? You want chilli with your dog or peanut butter ice cream with your deep fried bananas? Andrew Levins has spent years perfecting his recipes for pulled pork, fried chicken and pork ribs, served with a side of his own barbecue sauce or chipotle mayo.

Mouth getting frothy yet? Well, light up your buges and blunts, you might even want to dust off Billy Bong Thornton for this one, shit is about to get slobbery as your sugar levels soar through the roof of your mouth and out through your frontal lobe.

Here is Levins’ Top 5 Sydney Stoner Snax!

5. Chinese Hot Dog at Dixon St Markets
This extremely rare little treat can only be found at the markets on Dixon St every Friday evening from 4pm. If you walk up to Eating World, out the front you’ll find a few stalls selling grilled squid and ‘Chinese Hot Dogs”. What you wanna do is buy yourself and everyone in your company one of these because they are wild. Made to order, one at a time – the Chinese Hot Dog is a frankfurt tucked next to a stick of fried bread, drizzled in sweet sauce, coriander and spring onions and wrapped in an eggy crepe. They’re cheap as too. I’ve never seen them anywhere else! Very rare.

4. Caramel Popcorn on Ultimo Rd
Every weekend this lady sets up her little cart outside of a convenience store on the corner of Ultimo Rd and Sussex St, next to Kung Fu Ramen. For $2 you can get a box full of hot and crunchy caramel popcorn which is about as good as sweet snacks get! Sydney has next to no food carts (we can’t even do food trucks right) so it’s cool to see this lady each Saturday, smiling as she sells her popcorn. It makes the whole block smell like popcorn too. On the days that popcorn lady is not there another lady sells hot chestnuts but seriously who the fuck ever wants hot chestnuts.

3. Fried Chicken from Naru
Korean fried chicken and cold Korean beer is like vegemite toast and orange juice for drunk people. Naru does three different kinds of fried chicken, the one covered in sticky chili sauce is ridiculously fun to eat especially since the staff only give you like one napkin between 3 people. You also get the awesome little bowls of kimchi and radish plus the beer is great. They chicken is better at Arisun but there’s never anyone at Naru and sometimes no waiting time makes food taste better.

2. Menya Mappen / Menya Oiden
These two joints are right next to each other in the little food court on the corner of George St and Liverpool St. Mappen does soba and udon noodle soups and Oiden does rice bowls. What’s important to know is that the both have a huge serve-yourself tempura section. Each spot has different deep fried options – chicken wings, fish cakes, hot dogs, prawns – all covered in panko crumbs and crunchy as hell. They even have a big bowl of fried tempura crumbs you can liberally apply to your soup or rice for free!

1. Kana Express
This little hole in the wall is like fat stoned guy Mecca (it’s also across the road from Kings Comics). You want a hot dog on a stick, wrapped in white bread and deep fried? How about pieces of fried chicken, hot dog and rice cakes on a stick and dipped in chilli sauce? Or a battered and fried fishcake? They even do deep fried sushi sometimes! For a couple of bucks you can try all of these legendary culinary ideas.

For the stoner in most of us, the laziness inevitably kicks in and that my friends is where you might want to recreate the goodness or better with recipes found in Diner.

Brought to us by our friends at You Only Live Once— A Guide to the Good Life.