Lillian McKnight • 11 July 2012

The more-is-more Russian attitude towards opulence has given the world many things. Fabergé eggs. That flawless and entirely historically accurate animated biopic Anastasia. Huge, furry hats. And now, from the ridiculously appointed Russian embassy in Berlin, comes Kate Moss in something other than skinny jeans for a change.

Italian label Salvatore Ferragamo has gone luxe in both setting and hiring policy for its AW2012 campaign, nabbing evergreen waif Kate Moss as the star of its photographic and filmic offerings. Karmen Pedaru and Sean “my imaginary husband” O’Pry also make appropriately brooding appearances. The PR whizzes behind Ferragamo describe the result as “a story of pure seduction and mystery” but, while it’s pretty easy to become lost in O’Pry’s delicious baby blues, the only real mystery here is why, in the presence of such well-chiseled features, does Kate Moss look so damn miserable? We need answers, Salvatore!