Lillian McKnight • 17 April 2012

We have a feeling that Karl Lagerfeld would have something to say if he saw any of his pristine ivory creations for Resort 2012 given an impenetrable coating of dust in the desert. But then, when the naughty wearer in question is as pretty as Isabel Lucas, his heart may soften a little. After all, nothing says adorable whimsy like a really expensive designer frock cavorting around the dunes. Angus Stone’s new video for laid-back single (does he have any other variety?) Bird On The Buffalo features girlfriend Lucas frolicking around cactus strewn terrain with lots of evocative lighting, slow-mo running (her hair looks really good mid stride) and, most notably, Chanel. The gown originally featured in Lagerfeld’s Riviera flavoured Resort collection on model Sara Blomqvist, which begs the evergreen question, WHO WORE IT BETTER?!!

We’re going to go with darling Isabel. We have a feeling that Angus Stone would team up with her rabid hounds and launch a revenge attack if we said otherwise. Sorry Sara. Get yourself a majestic domestic wolf, then we’ll talk.

Anyway, if the Chanel doesn’t tempt you into action, perhaps the fact that Bird On The Buffalo also features the least attractive incarnation of Isabel Lucas ever may whet your appetite.

We like to think this is what she looks like when she doesn’t moisturise.

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