• 1 August 2012

When Groupie called Marty Smiley, he was packing up his life. The halo-haired go-getter had just been named the new Channel [V] presenter after a gruelling competition that saw him interview people on the red carpet, dance in the streets of Melbourne and (probably) develop a caffeine addiction. He sounded ecstatic and completely exhausted.

We chatted amiably for a bit. He’s clearly an incredibly passionate and enthusiastic guy. So it’s so easy to see why Marty Smiley was chosen to be the new Channel [V] presenter. Even over the phone he radiates a down to earth charm that’s as infectious as his broad smile. During our chat with the affable youngster, who appears to take his style tips from Back To The Future’s Marty McFly,  it’s clear that he’s ready for anything.

He approaches everything with a big grin, a big heart and a massive amount of imagination. “I got chosen cause a lot of the time I like having fun. I like running amuck, and doing stuff that’s sometimes a bit risky, putting myself on the line a bit. I need to remind myself that you should never get comfortable, that you should keep pushing things.”

 When asked what the journey has been like so far, you can hear both weariness and excitement in his voice. “A whirlwind. It’s been full on. I’ve failed a subject at Uni just to keep up with the commitments… I cancelled a flight to Europe – I’m meant to be in London right now! It’s just been a bit of a rollercoaster.”

When asked about having to pack and a move from Melbourne to Sydney and how he feels about the rivalry between the cities he laughs as says, “It’s funny I don’t know if Sydney people have an opinion of Melbourne. I haven’t come across any Sydneysiders who are like ‘Errr Melbourne is terrible’, but I think Melbourne people always say ‘Errr Sydney’s not as good as Melbourne’. I think we don’t have as much stuff like the harbour or the Sydney Opera House or the bridge so Melbourne feels it has to compensate by pointing out all the good things about Melbourne. I don’t really care. I really like travelling so I see this new move as me experiencing a new city.”

Marty is adaptable and fun, exactly the kind of travel buddy you’d want. These qualities also make him an excellent presenter. That and his clear enthusiasm for music. “There were 6000 entrants but surely a majority of them were like “oh my god, I’m like so passionate about music. Music is like my life”. When I saw those videos go up online, what I wanted to do was show how I was passionate about music without having to say it. And that’s why I went out into a Melbourne Street and danced in public for my audition tape.”

Marty doesn’t have to say it. It’s clear to everyone that he’s a passionate, enthusiastic and ready-to-go guy. Introducing. Mr. Smiley. He was born for this.

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