Megan Gordon • 21 September 2012

On their website Sydney label Future Classic is described as “an independent music company providing specialist services for our artists and partners.” A nice little bio with little fanfare, bravado or excessive use of adjectives, right? Well, in reality, this doesn’t really capture who they are, what they do, and the kind of influence they’ve had on the Australian electronic music scene. A more accurate and succinct description would be “Future Classic are true tastemakers” (you can have that one for free boys!)… Fact is, FC are responsible for some of the most exciting acts around, including the likes of Flight Facilities, Flume, Anna Lunoe, Mitzi and New Navy, as well a constant stream of consistently good tours. Basically Future Classic have made our lives considerably better, giving us a fresh and interesting soundtrack to live by.

Which is why Groupie got extremely excited when they announced they’d be producing their first ever compilation album. Produced by Future Classic DJs, comprised of Nathan McLay, Chad Gillard and James McInnes, the compilation is pure Future Classic cool featuring unreleased tracks exclusive to the album! We sat down with the mad-men behind the comp to chat all things Future Classic.

Future Classic – is this a mission statement for the entire company?

N: Subliminally maybe! We love old stuff but are also constantly addicted to finding something new that excites us.

Why do you think Future Classic’s roster resonates so much with people?

J: I guess it’s different for everyone but most people that we talk to often mention that it reminds them of summer – I think it sounds a little different to the rest of the pack too, so maybe that catches people’s attention.

There so much music out there – how do you find the gems? 

J: A lot of the time it kind of finds you. Often there’s a few main channels like iTunes, Juno, Phonica, Beatport. But the ones that you normally fall in love with is the ones you bump into accidentally, ones that a friend passes onto you or maybe one that you hear when you’re out.

You’re a collective – is that a nice way of saying you basically live and breathe FC and never really get much sleep?

C: It definitely feels like that sometimes. We just got back from a pretty hectic week in Brisbane for Bigsound which was lots of meeting during the day with late nights at showcase events three days in a row and then shows on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay at the weekend. It definitely gets draining but it’s also pretty rewarding seeing hard work pay off. Some super exciting projects coming up for us in the next 12-18 months… I’m not sure we’d be very good at slowing down if we tried.

You generated such a massive following through your free mix tapes – was there ever a thought of giving the compilation away for free?

N: Given there’s 10 exclusive previously unreleased tracks on there that we commissioned especially for the project that wasn’t possible, but we have given away a couple of the tunes on our soundcloud page.

2012 has been an epic year for Future Classic – what’s it been like from your perspective?

C: This year has been really great for us and it’s flown by pretty quickly, hard to believe that we’re in September already. We’ve had great records from Flume, Flight Facilities, Mitzi, Joakim, Softwar, Anna Lunoe, Touch Sensitive, Panama and there’s still some big ones to drop before end of the year. We’ve also done some amazing tours with the likes of The Whitest Boy Alive, Prins Thomas, Dj Koze, John Talabot, Jacques Renault, Isolee and a bunch more that will take place before the end of the year. Plus we’ve each gotten to spend some time overseas (USA, Europe and Japan).

Can’t really complain about all that.

What are some of your favourite moments on the compilation?

J: The opening track by Slow Hands is one of my favourites. Such a burner! I think it’s actually a Aphex Twin sample too. Really dig when the DJ T remix kicks in, lots of fun.

What was the selection/whittling down process for the album?

N: The 10 exclusive tracks were commissioned especially and were a combination of remixes and originals. Flume wrote us a jam because he loves us and we love him back. DJ T came to us singing the praise of our Mario & Vidis ‘Changed’ single from last year so we commissioned him for an exclusive remix, Perseus did a special edit that took the best ideas from both his previous remixes he did for us, Danny Daze sent us “Zone” as a one-off that we couldn’t refuse, and there are a couple of others from Worst Friends and Tigerskin, for example, that are previews off forthcoming EPs.

What were you trying to achieve with the compilation?

C: Similar goals as with the monthly soundcloud mixes we’ve done, just wanted to showcase a bunch of music that we’re excited about and wanted to share. I guess the difference is that on the new comp we’ve got 10 exclusive tracks that you can’t get anywhere else and we also looked a bit further inwards to our extended FC family.

Future Classic DJs compilation is out now.

Slow Hands – Rhabarbarum [exclusive]
Houses – Soak It Up
Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Perseus Future Classic edit) [exclusive]
Flume – Tropical Sun [exclusive]
Poolside – Do You Believe?
Cadillac – Blue Skies (Ray Mang Remix)
Joakim – Labyrinth (Junior Boys Remix)
Softwar – This Time Around Dub [exclusive]
Worst Friends – Short Stopped (Instrumental) [exclusive]
Nitetime – Teddy’s Jam
Flight Facilities – With You feat. Grovesnor (MAM Remix)
Panama – Magic (Midnight Magic Remix)
Pharao Black Magic – Hermes feat. Ghostape [exclusive]
Anna Lunoe & Touch Sensitive – Real Talk
Danny Daze – Zone [exclusive]
Mario & Vidis – Changed (DJ T Remix) [exclusive]
Tigerskin – In Public [exclusive]
Nitetime – Hey! (Soul Clap Remix) [exclusive]
Cadillac – Dreams (Miracles Club Remix)
Gung Ho – Twin Rays (Worst Friends Remix) [exclusive]

Listen now!