Megan Gordon • 4 July 2012

“If I was to describe my sound as an image… I’d be lying down in the middle of an old pine forest, heaps of space around me, staring at the stars with a camp fire, a dog and a bunch of couches” a friendly Angus Stone told Groupie during our long chat about his new record. This image really does serve well to sum up Angus Stone’s new solo album (under his own name), ‘Broken Brights’. It’s an earthy, relaxed and intimate affair that allowed Stone to step up and once again experiment on his own, without Julia by his side.

One of the most striking things about our chat with the singer, songwriter was his speaking voice and general demeanour. He’s so chill and relaxed you find yourself sinking into the folds of the couch you’re sitting, feeling pretty much at one with yourself and the rest of the universe.

Indeed, talking to Angus Stone is much like listening to his music. His demeanour, like his new solo album ‘Broken Brights’, has that sweet, calm and super relaxed vibe. It engulfs you like the warm arms of the morning sun, cradling you into a state of “dreamy-awakeness”. Beyond his sound and his general vibe, there’s his look. He’s all beard, blue-eyes and lumberjack boho. This, along with the rich imagery of his film clips, for ‘Broken Brights’ in particular, which includes trees, oceans, fields all seen through a waxy filter, all combines to give the effect that Angus Stone is down-to-earth, laid back and genuine.

But it isn’t all easy-going at camp Angus. Bearing your soul, and getting personal is a difficult thing, which can leave you feeling vulnerable. But it isn’t without its rewards, as Angus mused, “When I was younger and the songs started to be played on the radio and I had a moment where I was sitting at home and I was thinking about it all and whether it was something I wanted to be…  I had this moment where I remember someone coming up to me and telling me their experience through the connection of one of the songs I wrote…  If you don’t hold back the effect is really infinite… It’s a thing of love, it’s beautiful the way it can create it’s own world around music.“

Ever the relaxed guy that he is, Angus’ mellow attitude spills over into his live performances. When asked how he’ll handle playing Splendour he said, “I like to just hang out have a smoke and have some drinks with my friends and stroll up to the stage, and treat it like it’s my lounge room…” So sit back, get comfy, sink a few drinks and get to know Angus Stone through his beautiful new solo album.

‘Broken Brights’ is out July 13.

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