Lucinda Rose Constable • 3 July 2012

Pamela Love got married recently, and thanks to Vogue, we can see inside the whole wedding. From the flowers to the vegan cake, it is the hippy dream land we would expect from Miss Love, down to a T. Love married illustrator  Matthew Nelson at Ruschmeyer’s, the coolest summer camp turned resort in Montauk. The expansive outdoor area made for the perfect place to exchange vows, underneath a birch tree covered in quilts.

Love said, “I wanted the wedding to be about being in a natural, wild environment – which is kind of what love is.” Her dress, by friend Mara Hoffman was a beautiful sheath with cut-outs and latticing all down the back. Looking at these pictures got us to thinking about the wedding we would plan for ourselves. After seeing Margherita Missoni’s flawless wedding in Italy, we wonder if we will ever be able to live up to this amazingness?

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