Megan Gordon • 6 July 2012

Sometimes (especially if I squint) when I’m looking in the mirror I imagine I’m something other than a slightly nerdy and a perpetually scruffy  human being.

This doesn’t stop me from dreaming (if there’s one thing the copious amounts of reality TV I’ve watched has taught me, it’s that everyone has dreams, man).

One day, I think to myself (whilst squinting), I’ll have eaten (or not for that matter) enough diet soup to become one of those American Apparel girls, who, besides being incredibly cute, is also the lead singer of an awesome indie/pop/rock/no-wave baaaaand (said with the same accent one might say “dah-ling”).

But sadly, as I edge ever closer to 30, I have come to realise no amount of cup-a-soup will ever make me something more than what I actually am: a music nerd who would actually rather stay home and watch ‘Game of Thrones’ than to be in a glittering mini-skirt (or as some friends of mine like to call them “fanny-skimmers”) on stage.

ANYWAYS, part of the dream has always been to one day programme rage. Since rage will never come to me, I decided to make my own rage (substitute “party” instead of “rage” here and you have a fair picture of my adolescence).

Here’s my attempt at programming rage (as brought to you in this digital format by youtube!). If you squint it’s almost like the real deal, trust me…

Clip 1. Basix – Purple Rain

This isn’t technically a film clip, and therefore probably shouldn’t be in this list, but seeing as this isn’t really rage, and I’m making up the rules, who’s going to stop me? HUH? Anyways, this is basically an amazing cover of ‘Purple Rain’, a capella style. I think it captures the essence of the song well, and sounds really really different which you want in a cover. I also fancy the staccato notes to sound a bit like rain “do do do doo”.


Clip 2. Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight

The inspiration for this clip was the AMAZING Georges Méliès and his silent film ‘A Trip to the Moon’. Recent Hollywood film ‘Hugo’ reminded us why Georges was an incredible visionary – his techniques and imagination were brilliantly creative. The Pumpkins clip is a gorgeous ode to the film maker and a great accompaniment to one of the best songs the band ever wrote. Did I mention amazing? A*M*A*Z*I*N*G


Clip 3. Osibisa – Sunshine

If I look at the clock at 3:03 pm on the dot, I think it’s a sign. If there’s a full moon, I think it’s a sign. If there are no clean forks left I think it’s a sign (to order take-out)… So imagine my delight when I found out my (then) new boyfriend and I had both grown up listening to the same fairly obscure 70s afro-funk-soul band? IT WAS A BLOODY SIGN. (Again no official film clip, you’ll just have to soak up the AWESOME sunny vibes of this smooth track).


Clip 4. Felix Da Housecat – Silver Screen (Shower Scene)

OOOOoooooh the thumping base. Oh (!) the sexy french voice. OOoooh the driving hook. Excuse me while I go take that shower. God this is an amazing piece of music.


Clip 5. Patrick Watson – Great Escape

Once upon a time in a magical (and cold) land far far away, I lived in Montreal, Canada. While there I came across the stunning music of this find gentleman. Holy crap it’s pretty.


Clip 6. Prince – My Name is Prince

If you’ve lasted this far, we’ve got a little reward for you… An amazing Prince song with Kirsty Alley starring in the video. God, for tiny man with some seriously scary sexual facial expressions and dance moves, he’s a fucking cool dude. I LOVE PRINCE.