Lucinda Rose Constable • 30 July 2012

Henry Holland has recently been in Australia, promoting his brand via the Vivid Ideas conference. He has made no secret of his want to increase brand awareness in our fair country, also bagging new stockists across the nation. Whilst most people with an interest in fashion are aware of his namesake brand House of Holland, many are at a loss as to where to buy it, other than the traditional online e-tailers. We love that Holland has shown such an interest in Australia as we think the brand is totally n’sync with our style.

Last week we headed down to see the new Resort 2012 collection in person and were immediately enthralled by the cheerleader theme. Sportswear themes have not been uncommon in the lead up to the Olympics, in fact, they have been so popular we can barely remember a time when ever magazine didn’t have a sports theme. We’re not complaining, we love sport, well in a fashion context anyway. House of Holland showed us how to wear varsity stripes and still look cool, especially when teamed with a cheerleading skirt.

Always one to take a theme and run with it, Henry Holland never fails to produce a commercially viable collection that is both covetable and wearable. Our favourite aspect of this collection would have to be the reference to McDonalds’ ubiquitous ‘Fry Guys’ who dominated our lives in the 1990s. This is the kind of childhood nostalgia that sells collections – we’ll take two, thanks, and don’t forget the cheeseburger.