Megan Gordon • 20 June 2012

We are at the half-way mark for 2012 (whooooooosh there goes half a year). In celebration (or commiseration, depending on whether you’re a glass half full or empty type) we’ve decided to compile a quick fire list of the best new albums released so far. And praise be to John Lennon, there are just SO many. Here’s hoping the rest of year is as good (and with the Presets, Yeasayer, Bertie Blackman, Loon Lake, Van She and SO many more due to come out, we can safely assume it will be).

Santigold ‘Master Of My Make-Believe’

Santigold made us wait 4 whole years for the follow up to her amazing self-titled debut. Her second album is as strong, with a more personal note to it. The music still makes you want to chant along while simultaneously gyrating to her hypnotic beats/voice. In short, it’s GOLD (sorry, obvious but TRUE!) TRIVIA FACT TIME: Santigold once wrote material for Lily Allen and Ashlee Simpson.

Beach House ‘Bloom’

Beach House (still) create the kind of music that engulfs you in its hypnotic, beautiful and enchanting sounds. Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand’s fourth album is a bubbling cauldron of pretty synths, hypnotic melodies and thoughtful lyrics… Magic stuff, as usual, but this album is less naive and wider in scope.

Grimes ‘Visions’

How can we communicate how we feel about this album to you? A*W*E*S*O*M*E is pretty much it. This candy-floss mopped Canadian electro poppet is amazingly cute and creative. This album’s “vision” is clear from the out-set: DANCE YOU DICKHEADS!

Alt-J ‘An Awesome Wave’

Alt-J are scary. Scarily original. Their music is weird, but wonderful, like salted caramel ice-cream or Macca’s fries dipped in soft serve. Their music is kaleidoscopic – it takes in a breathtaking array of ideas and genres and avoids sounding messy at the same time. This really is the most unique and ambitious debut we have heard in a long while.

Liars ‘WIXIW’

Can you hear the soft pitter patter of percussion and the sweet reverb of shimmering guitar? That’s the latest love child to be born of Liars, and it’s a gorgeous little tangerine-dream of a bubba. This little beast isn’t well behaved though – it’s experimental, dark and will keep you awake in the wee hours of the morning.

Django Django ‘Django Django’

The DIY-dudes from Django Django make organic and psychedelic indi-pop-rock. This Scottish band produce dreamy music that sounds at once warm in the “garage made” kind of way and cool in the “this was synthesised with computers” kind of way. Taste makers across the globe have been gushing about these guys, and we nodded our heads in agreement and told everyone we know to buy in. Awesome stuff.

Jack White ‘Blunderbuss’

Jack White’s debut solo album. Need we say more? It’s Jack White guys…

Electric Guest ‘Mondo’

Danger Mouse has been raving about this band (and not just cause he’s their producer – he only works with people he totally respects and believes in). Some people have questioned whether or not their music is ironic… Lead-singer Asa assured Groupie he’s totally 100% sincere. This is just straight up amazingly soulful pop music with no hint of “too cool for school” about it. LOVE IT.

Honourable mentions (read: we got sick of typing – sorry – there were just too MANY!)

Cloud Nothings, ‘Attack on Memory’
Death Grips ‘The Money Store’
Chairlift, ‘Something’
Father John Misty, ‘Fear Fun’
Odd Future Tape Vol 2
The Hives, ‘Lex Hives’
Bleeding Knees Club, ‘Nothing To Do’
DZ Deathrays, ‘Bloodstreams’
James Vincent McMorrow ‘Early In The Morning’