Megan Gordon • 2 August 2012

That there pretty little piece of music video glory is the brand sparkly new film clip from Melbourne five-piece Loon Lake, and here at Groupie we’re totally stoked to be premiering the clip for you today. I think you’ll find it’s as pretty as lip gloss, and as sticky – it’ll be in your head all day!

The band have been very busy over the past couple of weeks – not only have they recorded this cute new clip, they’ve also been gearing up for the release of their new EP ‘Thirty Three’. The band have been drip feeding songs from the record out to fans via their Facebook for several weeks and tomorrow (the 3rd of August) marks the official release of this bangin’ swag of tunes.

Groupie also sat down with the band’s lead singer Sam Nolan to chat about the making of the film clip, their upcoming tour and free beer.

With 3 brothers in the band – are there any sibling squabbles?

No, not really we are pretty good mates, in some ways it’s easier to tell each other something sucks or whatever because we know it won’t go much further. Occasionally a punch might be thrown, blocked then returned and followed by a stomp of the head (face side). We keep it pretty jovial.

How did you meet the other two members?

Timmy is from our home town and he is mates with Nick from school and our dads were mates when they were young, too. I met Bully (Tim) whilst travelling in Turkey. We stayed friends and travelled a lot together. They will always only be known as “the other two” though. I’m glad you asked that.

What’s best thing about being in a band?

Free beer and people talk to you that wouldn’t normally talk to you. This is good because we get to ignore people who we wouldn’t usually get a chance to ignore. Seeing lots of great music and meeting good people. One thing I really love is seeing how happy we seem to make our friends and family. They are all just so stoked for us and behind us. They are always telling me little things they heard or saw, it makes me happy. Performing to people that are genuinely thrilled to be there is probably the most fulfilling thing, seeing some young dude or girl just looking up and smiling and feeling connected to them is really what it’s all about. I know how they feel because i love watching bands too. Free beer is still the best though.

Tell us a little bit about this new EP – the who, what, where, when, why and how?!

Well it’s been a year or so of writing. It has a lot to do with change. All of us have been through a lot of changes over the last year and I think it has come out in the songs. For me personally I came out of a longtime relationship and some of the songs resulted from the effects of that, the later ones are probably more about getting back on track. We all wanted to move forward, perhaps not pigeon hole ourselves as a “summery, fun etc..” type of band. I guess something with a little more substance. Not to say we are not still fun though, in fact I’m having fun right now. We recorded it in Sydney for something different and to get us out of our comfort zone. It was done at a place called Rancom studios and we used a producer by the name of Tony Buchan who helped us open our minds and try a few more things. The studio was filled with loads of vintage gear which we made the most of. The surf was pumping every day we were there, so it was really an amazing week. Surf in the mornings, then record till dark. Couldn’t be better.

What was behind the decision to drip feed the new material to the public?

As you are probably aware music isn’t really about making money anymore so the EP was never seen as a financial thing. We were lucky enough to score a government grant for the recording, so the public pays for that in their taxes so I guess why not give it back. It’s about giving back to our fans.
The funny thing is, with the current single, Cherry Lips, it is in the iTunes charts so it’s selling really well anyhow. I don’t know, I think everyone loves something free and in turn we hope they love us. We already love them, so it’s only fair.

Tell us about ‘Cherry Lips’ – what was the inspiration for this?

Imagine being out at a club and you see that one girl on the dance floor that is totally uninhibited, not pretentious at all. Just swinging her hair and not giving a fuck about anyone at all except the music and having fun. She is magnetic, everyone is drawn to her. It’s amazing to see it I reckon. Sometimes she might be off her face and this is the slight dark element to the song. I thought about girls that might be a bit older, a bit looser, possibly a few too many pills. That’s what it’s about.

Describe the film clip to us in your own words…

It’s supposed to represent what I just said above. The people in it are the key, it’s just normal everyday people singing and dancing and having fun but the interest is in the different people, their faces, styles, colours. They are just a bunch of friends and fans, normal people having fun and being themselves. The aesthetic of it is supposed to be super colourful, poppy but with a slight dark twist, the props used represent that. The director was inspired by a Talking Heads clip. It’s actually quite a hard thing to answer because it’s not finished and Josh the director is the one that really knows – it’s his craft. I kind of gave him my spin on what the song was about then let him have free reign. We just said we wanted it to bring out the poppiness of the song and when you see it, I’m sure you will agree he nailed that.

Were there any crazy behind the scene antics that went down during the making?

Well it was filmed in a warehouse full of film props. I’m talking a serially big warehouse with more shit than you could possibly imagine. I think there was a pretty mean game of hide and seek that went down. A fair amount piss was sunk and watching my mate Danny shit himself about having to perform on camera was pretty funny. He ends up completely stealing the show though. You won’t miss him, he can dance. It was a really fun day though; lots of pretty girls and people having a lot of fun and the crew were pros. Totally enjoyable.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

The first time our song “Into the Office” was played on JJJ was a massive buzz, I’ll never forget that. It just keeps getting better and better.

You’re about to embark on a tour – what’s going to be on your tour bus playlist?

Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan

I’m really getting into the Black Keys – Attack and Release, I kinda missed that one for some reason. I actually think this year is off its head for new music. All of a sudden everyone is just releasing amazing songs. Young Aussie bands, all the big ones, everyone seems inspired. It’s good times.

Check the band’s tour dates below:

10 August, 2012 Jive Adelaide SA

11 August, 2012 The Loft, Warrnambool VIC

17 August, 2012 Alhambra Lounge Fortitude Valley QLD

18 August, 2012 Sol Bar, Maroochydore QLD

23 August, 2012 The Patch Fairy Meadow NSW

24 August, 2012 Goodgod Small Club Sydney NSW

25 August, 2012 Cambridge Hotel Newcastle West NSW

1 September, 2012 Northcote Social Club Northcote VIC