Nicola Burford • 5 September 2012

Splendour In the Grass may have been great but ‘splendour’ is not how we described our hair after 3 days of mud, mayhem and swill. With wpring just around the corner and festival fervour well and truly kick-started, most of us dream of looking as put together as Kate, Aggy, or Alexa rather than festival freaks.

I thought I would share some great tips from the fabulous team at Sebastian Professional on Festival hair that will take you from Falls to the BDO and all around the globe to Glastonbury.

The Boho Headband
Lovely if you are channelling Isabel Lucas at Coachella, but really only for the one-dayers.

  1. Prepare the look with Light Shampoo and Conditioner before you leave.
  2. On damp hair, apply Mousse Forte and roughly blow-dry in, lifting your hair at the roots with your fingers.
  3. Part your hair down the middle front to back.
  4. Gather each side into a bunch and spritz Trilliant through the mid-lengths for protection, hold and shine.
  5. Divide each half of your hair into 3 sections and curl the ends with a large curling tong.
  6. Flip your head over and shake to mess the hair up, spraying with re-shaper for hold and humidity protection that will last day and night.
  7. Put on your pretty little leather headband.

The Milk Maid
As Heidi knew best after days atop the mountain, this style is perfect for those in  for the long haul come rain or shine.

  1. On dry hair, spritz Volupt Spray throughout and warm into the hair with your hairdryer.
  2. Part your hair right down the middle from front to back.
  3. Bring each side forward and lower over your shoulder, then plait. Secure ends with an elastic.
  4. Pinch, pull and mess up each plait to create soft texture.
  5. Wrap each plait over the ears and across the top of your head, then secure with bobby pins.
  6. Spray all over with Zero Shape Gravity for a light, matte hold.

The Rock Chick Bandana
This style is great for hiding filth, unhealthy ends and greasy roots on long or short hair. So perfect for day 3 at a festival.

  1. On damp hair, apply a generous amount of Thickery Foam to provide gritty texture and body (especially needed if you spent the night at the nearest Formula 1 instead of tent city)
  2. Blast dry, sweeping your fringe across the forehead.
  3. Gather the rest of your hair into a pony then twist into a roll and pin to secure.
  4. Tie a bandana or scarf with the knot on top and secure with bobby pins.
  5. Fix the look with Shaper Fierce so you can dance til dawn with no fear!

Now you can even do these hairstyles at home and watch the live feed on your laptop from the comfort of your clean, warm and cosy bedroom! No one will ever know you weren’t actually in-situ (and I won’t tell a soul!).

Another option is to do what Groupie Editor Megan did at Splendour. Apply multiple layers of Kevin Murphy Colour Bug— a crafty and colourful pastel powdered disguise for the aforementioned unwashed.