Just because her wonderful third album Grids drops today, don’t think it’s all sunshine and rainbows for Jess Cornelius, the Melbourne-based Kiwi known to most of us as Teeth & Tongue. Because rather than head out to the pub to celebrate the release of her new LP, Jess has found herself in a bit of a pickle.

I had to drive to Point Cook (a suburb in Victoria) this morning to pick up a replacement tent pole for a friend’s tent that I broke while on a cycling trip in Tasmania. It was a real pain in the arse.”

Bloody hate that, mate. Of course, as with all shitty situations, there is a silver lining here: the following exclusive playlist which Jess compiled having been inspired by her ordeal…

Top 5 Songs to Drive To Point Cook to Pick Up Replacement Tent Poles To:

1. She Speeds—Straight Jacket Fits.

I don’t speed, and I certainly don’t endorse it. In fact, I think I got flashed by a camera last night for driving too slow. But this song is a good one to listen to while driving anyway. It’s a bit of a feel-good song to me. Reminds me of Wellington, and simpler times, when I didn’t actually have my licence and just caught the No.7 bus from Brooklyn to Wellington Girls College.

2. 20 Dollar—MIA.

I love this woman. I could probably pick any of her songs, but this is a good one for cranking up really loud at the traffic lights and rolling down your window, boy-racer-slo-mo style. It samples/references both the Pixies and New Order. Plus, it probably costs about $20 in petrol to get to Point Cook and back.

3. Re Murdered—Mogwai.

Sitting in traffic is very frustrating. According to Eckhart Tolle, frustration is caused by the inability to be completely present. I find being present extremely difficult at the best of times, but especially when sitting in traffic. This song doesn’t necessarily help with that, but I do find it very soothing. They’ve been playing it a lot on 3RRRfm lately, and that’s what my car radio is tuned to. Will perhaps prevent road-rage-induced murderous thoughts.

4. Add it Up—Violent Femmes.

Pretty much epitomises frustrationthough of a slightly different kind. Bang on the steering wheel, thump the dash, shake your hair around, and yell really loudly in the swearing parts. So cathartic. Plus, it reminds me of adolescent road trips.

5. Private Dancer—Tina Turner.

My friend Lucy Dyson, who created the artwork for the new album and recent single, emailed me the other day with this video, telling me I should cover it. Well, I don’t know if that’s gonna happen, but it sure is a good song. Not sure how it relates to driving, or tent poles, or Point Cook. And, as anyone who has ever tried to dance sexy in a tent will attest, it doesn’t even really fit with camping. But Tina makes most things better, even the M1.


Grids is out today (Friday March 21st) via Dot Dash / Remote Control.

Teeth & Tongue plays Boogie Festival in Melbourne on April 18-20, and will support Vance Joy on his national tour on the following dates:

24 April The Gov, Adelaide
6 May The Hi-Fi, Brisbane
8 May The Bakery, Perth
16 May The Metro, Sydney
23 May The Forum

Check out the clip for latest single ‘Newborn’:

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