David James Young • 3 August 2012

Are the Buffalo band just trolling, or looking to start a scandal?

Earlier in the week, Canadian sensation Justin Bieber released the video clip for his track ‘As Long As You Love Me’ from his chart-topping sophomore, Believe. It’s already racked up over four and a half million views since it dropped on Wednesday, and with over 200 thousand likes it’s safe to say that the video has managed to gain its fair share of fans. That is, of course, except for a very unlikely enemy.

“Oh, really @justinbieber?” tweeted New York hardcore punks Every Time I Die. “A music video featuring a violent Michael Madsen? Why does that sound so familiar…” The tweet itself refers to the actor who stars as an overprotective father in the ‘As Long As You Love Me’ video, best known for a starring role as Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs, as well as his part of Budd in the Kill Bill movies. Back in 2006, he also appeared in ETID’s video for ‘Kill the Music’ from their Gutter Phenomenon record. In the final scene of both videos, Madsen is seen losing his collective shit and going H.A.M. on somebody – in the case of ‘As Long As You Love Me’, Bieber himself; and guitarist Jordan Buckley in the case of ‘Kill the Music.’

A few hours after their original tweet, Every Time I Die followed it up by telling their followers that “if anyone wants to call TMZ and tell them about @justinbeiber stealing our leading man, feel free,” before leaving the number of the website’s LA offices. Now, this could well be a little bit of fun and games from the band, but who knows? On one hand, getting a distinctive leading actor in the form of Madsen is a pretty unique thing, and the band may feel threatened by the fact that Madsen will be remembered for starring in Justin’s video more than their own. On the other hand, what exactly are the chances that JB and his entourage have even heard of Every Time I Die?

Watch both videos below and see for yourself. While Justin has just recently left the country, ETID will be here in January as a part of the Big Day Out festival.