Jerico Mandybur • 3 December 2012

Designers Dolce & Gabbana will spend today in an Italian court, beginning their trial for alleged case of epic tax evasion. The pair have been accused of evading more than $562 million (US) in tax when they sold their brands D&G and Dolce & Gabbana, to a holding company called Gado, which they themselves set up in Luxembourg, back in 2004. According to prosecutors, the reason this is bad is because it meant that the duo avoided paying a higher rate of taxes in Italy. Italian investigators also say that the companies were sold at only one third of their actual market value. Cheeky!

Like the whole ‘racist Spring/Summer collection’ fiasco wasn’t bad enough! Making matters worse for the high-end dream team, is that the charges were originally dropped back in April due to lack of evidence, and are only being opened now, presumably because they’ve found more evidence. Either that, or the Italian Government is just a bunch of “thieves!!!” Or so tweeted a pissed off Stefano Gabbana after the trial so re-opened, adding “They don’t know what to do to get money out of us.” Well, clearly they’re trying their best Stefano! The pair have continued to profess their innocence through out the ordeal, but considering Italy taxes it’s citizens at 50%, it’s not unthinkable that the famous fashion names would try to cut a little (or massive) corner here and there. Should Dolce & Gabbana be held accountable and made to pay back the money?