Toby Allen • 4 September 2012

Dog owners have a hard time torn between leaving the super excitable pooch at home for fear of limited cafe spots that serve our little canine friends or inviting the dogs out for a coffee and possibly have a bitch of a time trying to score outside seats. We understand your plight, and although it might seem like a class A case of first world problems, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t chase your dog’s dreams of a day out of the house. We’ve compiled our favourite cafes that cater to the little critters, chosen by choice from dog owners and experts alike.

Brown Sugar, 100 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi +61 2 9365 6262 (see map)
Down, down in Bondi town, you’re not really limited by choice. There’s a bunch of cafes that won’t shoo away your little furry BFF’s, but the pick of the bunch is Brown Sugar and Jed’s Foodstore. Both have a bunch of outside seating and a bowl of dog refreshment.

Jed’s Foodstore, 60a Warners Ave, Seven Ways, Bondi Beach, +61 2 9365 0022 (see map)
Jed’s will come as no surprise to the dog owner’s association of North Bondinians (?) but to the rest of us, you should know that given the abundance of outdoor tables, this will be your best bet for your pet. A Jed’s breakfast is well known, if you don’t know, then get to knowing. Legit!

Cafe Bones, Hawthorne Canal Reserve, Canal Rd, Leichhardt, +61 2 8505 4109 (see map)
If you go to Cafe Bones, don’t expect to get too much for yourself— this one is mostly for the dogs. The park is an epic excursion for your pooch. Go there on a weekend and there will be a thousand-million dogs flying around from every which part of the park. It’s dog heaven (unless of course your dog is not friendly with other dogs, then this place will be dog hell, for you and probably your dog too)! But, at the very least, you can grab yourself a coffee and a snack and watch your dog go nuts and make some chums. As a dog owner, you owe it to them to go here at least once. If you’re not a dog owner and love dogs, go here! You can pet all the dogs and not have the hassle of cleaning up their poops.

Elizabeth Bay Cafe, 3/45 Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth Bay +61 2 9357 1705 (see map)
If you’re part of the prestigious eBay residence club and have a little shadow friend, you’ll know very well about Elizabeth Bay Cafe. With a good 4-5 tables outside and a short wait, you’ll be eating some sweet, sweet corn fritters with bacon and avo salsa in no time at all. Well recommended!

The Commons, 32 Burton Street, Darlinghurst +61 2 9358 1487 (see map)
If you’re on Oxford Street with the dawg, you’re fairly limited for “decent” breakfast/brunch spots. The Commons sits right behind Oxford on Burton St. and does a very good breakfast. And, although they don’t allow dogs inside (like everywhere), they will allow dogs out front, and guide dogs anytime!

The Norfolk, 305 Cleveland St, Surry Hills, +61 2 9699 3177 (see map)
Sunday summer silly sessions are upon us, and The Norfolk will not deny you of a dog in the courtyard. Grab a Bloody Mary and a pub feed while everyone swoons over your dog and asks you a million times what kind of dog it is, and how old it is. Being a dog owner is fun right!?

Organic Bread Bar356 South Dowling Street +61 2 9357 4448 (see map)
Wildly underrated cafe and rarely packed, Organic Bread Bar does steam a very good frothy caffeine and puts together a very decent little menu for you to nosh on. The front area will gladly accomodate all of your pooch’s needs with limited pedestrian interference.

Cafe Gulia, 92 Abercrombie Street Chippendale +61 2 9698 4424 (see map)
Ask and you shall receive, everyone at Cafe Giulia is super lovely and will look after you and your furry friend. Coffee? Great. Food? Great. Service? Awesome. Great little place.

485 Crown Street, Surry Hills +61 2 9698 6485 (see map)
Super busy, almost always. But also super good too! With about 4 tables out front, the wait will be a little longer than a seat inside, but if it’s that hangover cure you’re keen on solving, the wait will be worth it. A fresh juice, coffee and big breakfast will sort you out. If you can’t see yourself sitting at 485, then try looking next door at Organic Produce or across the road to Gnome Cafe who are also very pooch friendly!

Room 10, 10 Llankelly Place, Potts Point 0425 810 174 (see map)
Likened to win the ‘YOLO Sandwich of the year 2012′, Room 10 is really goddamn great. Fullstop. If you bring your own box, this place will tick it. With a bunch of little tables outside, your dog will thank you for all of the table scraps and pats received. Great place in the sun, but when it’s not sunny on a coldish day, come well dressed. Llankelly Place alley is a bit gusty.

Forty Beans, 2/11 Lower Beach st, Balgowlah (Next to where you can swim dogs), +61 2 9907 9709 (see map)
On the sleepy Northern Beaches suburb of Balgowlah, dog-life is rife! Dogs everywhere! Where do they all go? Places like Forty Beans, of course. Look at the frontage and tell me they don’t like dogs. They also do a great selection of juices, smoothies and decent breakfast feeds!

Centennial Park (see map)
When push gets shoved and you can’t fathom a table, JUST GO HAVE A PICNIC! Centennial Park is a dog haven, what dog would hate it?


Deux ex Machina – Bourke Street, Surry Hills
Youeni – Surry Hills
3 Blue Ducks – Bronte
Coffee, Tea + Me – Redfern
Baffi & Mo – Redfern
Porch & Parlour – North Bondi
Bondi Picnic – Bondi
Big Breaky – Petersham
2204 – Marrickville
Runcible Spoon – Camperdown
Fireworks café – Austinmer, Wollongong
Dunes Kiosk – Palm beach

Does your dog have a favourite? Tell your dog to leave it in the comments. Barking will be fine!

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