Lillian McKnight • 23 July 2012

Whilst it’s true that, for the sake of water cooler gossip, we hoped that were Karl Lagerfeld to be caught with his pants down, it would be in the company of his chocolate sculpture of boy toy Baptiste Giabiconi, it’s still nice to catch the Kaiser with nary a cravat (let alone tight Dior trousers) in sight.  Satirical sartorial cartoonist aleXsandro Palombo has picked up a pencil and given us all a glimpse of the fashion world’s prime figures in a series entitled Fashion Diapers.

While the significance of the likes of Miuccia Prada and the rather deflated Alber Elbaz in nothing but nappies is rather lost on us, we’d be lying if we said these pictures didn’t lift our Monday blues a little. It has to be said that Donatella Versace’s cartoon likeness is likely a lot less leathery than in reality, so she should probably take note and buy a bottle of SPF right now. Hedi Slimane looks like a rather jaundiced version of Steve Buschemi but, as usual, Marc Jacobs sans shirt is not an unpleasant (or unexpected) sight at all. The lesson for all designers out there? Best keep it on.