Lucinda Rose Constable • 10 October 2012

More often than not, creativity runs in the family, as seen by the Demarcheliers. However, having a good gene pool is only the first step on the road to success. Whilst the world is filled with famous spawn, some make more of their opportunities than others. Having one of the most noted fashion photographers in the biz as your dad would have its perks, like dating models, but it also means the chance to learn from the best. Victor started out assisting his dad on shoots, and then graduated to shooting his very own editorials. He has notched up some high profile publications, including Australia’s Harper’s Bazaar.

Now dad and son have paired up to contribute to website What’s Contemporary?  They have shot six of the top models, all sporting various states of undress. Black and white photography and nudity go hand in hand in fashion photography, all you need is a gaggle of supermodels to make it look good. The mostly denim looks are reminiscent of Brooke Sheilds and her Calvins, reinterpreted to be, ‘contemporary’ – we’re guessing.

What do you think? Are these shots your idea of contemporary, or are we chanelling some 80s vibes here?

photos via Fashiongonerogue