Lillian McKnight • 4 July 2012

Investigative journalism hit an all-time high yesterday when the New York Times fashion editor Cathy Horyn was treated to a tour of Chanel’s Parisian studios. While the halls were most likely liberally decked with mouthwatering couture, it was an accessory that had Horyn purring. She took to Twitter to announce the following:

The sweet Siamese, it seems, has captured the heart of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld more than epically coiffed male muse Baptise Giabiconi ever did. Bet ol’ Baptiste is kicking himself for ever gifting the Kaiser with the darling kitty in the first place! In a June interview with WWD, Lagerfeld revealed that his pet Choupette had two personal maids. He also let slip that, “she even knows how to use an iPad,” perhaps revealing more about his own mental state than the technological prowess of a feline. That being said, Karl’s kitty obviously has a fair handle on the mechanics of social media. Taking to her Twitter, she was quick to assert that her owner’s efforts would be typically well received.

A knitted bag was, indeed, revealed at Chanel’s AW 2012 couture show.We can only assume that Choupette’s namesake accessory is just as strokeable as Karl’s cat herself.