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Josh Butler • 14 July 2012

Big Day Out surprised everyone this week by announcing their 2013 dates and venues, and revealing that they would release their lineup this Sunday night. It’s a few months ahead of the usual schedule, and will make Big Day Out 2013 the first summer festival to release their full lineup. No drip-feeds, no hinting or drawn out process; all the bands, released at the same time. They’ve been talking up their new relationship with Lollapalooza festival and C3 Presents – one of the biggest promoters in the USA – so no doubt the lineup this year will be something pretty special. With rumours flying thick and fast, and a “fake” lineup poster or two thrown into the mix, it’s just about time we sit down and sort through the gossip, the whispers and the wishlists!

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Red Hot Chili Peppers
Easily the strongest rumour floating around Big Day Out 2013 is that Red Hot Chili Peppers will be heading the list. They headlined Lollapalooza this year (strike one); Flea teased an upcoming Australian tour for “early next year” (strike two); and Herald Sun journo Nui Te Koha announced “let’s put this in the bank right now. Red Hot Chili Peppers, 2013. They will headline the Big Day Out” last week. That’s strike three, and more than enough for us to pretty much lock them in to play Big Day Out 2013.
Verdict: lock it in Eddie 

Green Day
Green Day turned up on one of the lineup posters online this week (the more credible one – see above), and while initially seeming a bit speculative, kind of make sense on the lineup. The first album of their three ‘Uno/Dos/Tre’ album trilogy is due out in September; they haven’t toured here in a couple of years; and their tour schedule (while pretty bare to begin with) has a big ol’ gap in January, which is when the third album ‘Tre’ will be released. Sure thing? Not quite. But an interesting bet for Big Day Out 2013? Definitely.
Verdict: maybe 

With RHCP all but locked in as a main stage headliner, Big Day Out will no doubt be after a big name for the Boiler Room stage. After Stereosonic and Parklife snapped up most of the world’s biggest electronic talents already, we’ve got $$$ on Skrillex to be named on the Boiler Room stage schedule. The guy has a hugely successful track record in Australia, and will be sure to whip that enclosed sweaty room into a frenzy. It’s almost certain that he’ll be here on a summer festival – and Big Day Out seems to be the best choice.
Verdict: likely 

At The Drive-In
When the Splendour lineup dropped, fans were stoked to see the reunited At The Drive-In announced on the lineup for their first Australian tour in over a decade; but many were disappointed equally fast at the news of Splendour being ATDI’s only Aussie show this time around. Which, by our logic, basically locks them in for a summer festival tour. The toss-up is whether they’d be here for Soundwave, or Big Day Out 2013. On the balance of probabilities, we’re leaning toward Big Day Out. Reasons? Cedric and Omar’s other band, The Mars Volta, has a history with Big Day Out (as do ATDI themselves, playing in 2001); and ATDI are also on the Lollapalooza bill, making them more likely to side with BDO than Soundwave. They’d fit pretty awesomely just before the Chili Peppers play; or maybe even as headliner on the Green Stage.
Verdict: likely 

The Killers
New album ‘Battle Born’ is out  in September. The Killers haven’t toured in forever. We love The Killers. Not much “evidence besides that.” Fingers crossed.
Verdict: wishlist