Lucinda Rose Constable • 23 July 2012

It seems that the pages office is something akin to a Bower-bird’s lair. We love anything sparkly, as seen by our love for the Miu Miu glitter moccasins, revealed this morning.  Next to fly into our inbox is the majorly lust-worthy ASOS costume jewellery. We have been fans of this collection ever since seeing it at the showings a few months ago, but we can confirm that it’s all dropping online right about now. There is just something about a great oversized necklace or pair of earrings that just gets the party started unlike the understated fine jewellery movement that we also love.

ASOS has dreamt up some amazing pieces, especially those that appear to be a collection of a few different elements. A necklace looks like it is made from two attached bracelets, as well as a few brooches added on for good measure. Oversized earrings will dress up any outfit, even a daytime frock or t-shirt and shorts combo. We love the cute collar brooches – perfect with your new Equipment shirt, no? We want it all.