Megan Gordon • 10 August 2012

It’s been just over a year since modern torch-singer Amy Winehouse passed away from an alcohol overdose, and in tragic news that emerged overnight her ex-husband has been reported as having slipped into a coma.

Blake Fielder-Civil who is a mere 30 years old, has been placed on life support in hospital in West Yorkshire after suspected drink and drugs binge.

Amy Winehouse’s husband between 2007-2009 was found choking in bed by his partner Sarah Aspin last Friday. He was then rushed to hospital and diagnosed as suffering multiple organ failure.

Amy’s dad Mitch, who has publicly blasted Blake in the past, went to twitter to express his concerns and urged Amy’s fans to pray for him. “Terrible news about Blake this morning. Remember Amy loved him. Let’s pray for his recovery,” he tweeted.

This sad news calls to mind the moving letter comedian and friend to Amy Russell Brand wrote just after her passing. The letter was published in the Guardian and can be read here. The salient point of Brand’s letter is that addiction is a serious disease and should be treated as such.

Incidentally, a discussion about addiction was had the other day in the office and one person suggested that so many musicians and creative types fall prey to the seductive quality of drugs and alcohol because of access… They’re around it and it’s freely offered, therefore they indulge.

I think there’s something deeper going on here though. Sure, many fall prey to addiction because of access but some seek out addiction to calm an inner turmoil, to block out the noise in their minds or to cloud the darkness in their hearts with a false light. Amy Winehouse was a searing talent, and ultimately very fragile. That her ex-husband looks to possibly pass in the same way is incredibly tragic, and a reminder that we shouldn’t condemn addiction or look at it as a black and white thing.

Stay tuned for further details on this as they emerge.