Art & Design


Dina Broadhurst • 16 July 2012

Recently opened, the Aire Ancient Baths in downtown Tribeca NYC, designed by Spanish firm Grupo Airea, is a restoration that was painstakingly adhered to from its 1883 origin, not only in aesthetics, but also in the reviving of traditional Greek and Roman bathing rituals.

The multilevel bathhouse that was formerly a textile factory covers 16,000 square fee and is taking the ancient wellness concept to another level, with a total mind-body relaxation comparable to times gone by.

Costing upwards of $10 million, no expense was spared, using large amounts of imported white Spanish marble, an antique 16th century fountain, and copper lanterns from Marrakech – which use as many as 3,000 candles a month as the main internal lighting system.

The central experience is four pools, and as history had it, ranging from cold, then warm to hot temperatures of fresh saltwater that allows you to float like you would in the Dead Sea. Glassed in nearby are a propeller jet bath, steam rooms and massage quarters for luxurious rituals.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and delve into a world full of history and a feast for the senses.