Tim Hart • 14 September 2012

Boy & Bear skinsman Tim Hart has stepped out from behind the kit to make his own music. Touching, straightforward and solid songwriting is his style, and his debut Milling The Wind is out now. To get an insight into the life of Mr. Hart, he is lifting the curtain on his life for us. 

A Day In The Life Of Tim Hart

I love to play music and to travel. I feel very much at home in grimy band dressing rooms, tour vans, sleeping on peoples floors or in hotel rooms, but this is one of the first times I have been touring solo and its different. Very different. So with this in mind my current tour is mostly just my friend Stu Larsen and myself. He is a singer/songwriter from Dalby, Queensland and has been on the road for 32 months straight. Yesterday went like this:

The morning after our Melbourne show.

12noon: St Ali café in South Melbourne, to meet Neda (my opening act) and her partner Dan. Family breakfast. It was great. We had a really great Melbourne show so I was feeling satisfied. Got a raised eyebrow from the waitress when I ordered peppermint tea, but saved face and preserved my manliness when I ordered the St Ali Burger. I justified this outrageous breakfast order by the time of day.

3:30pm: Stu and I drove and hour and a half to Daylesford, Victoria where there are a couple of antique shops, not to mention mineral baths (still don’t know what they are) but I thought they brought a note of class to the town. Only stayed for an hour before heading to the gig.

5pm: Bacchus Marsh. Bacchus is a small town and this gig is called Baby Black Café and is the smallest gig of tour. I love this show. The owners Jules and Matt are lovely. And they ply me with Cameron’s estate Red wine, my weakness at this gig… so good!

7pm: Neda’s set was fantastic. Early shows are always tough. But everyone was already there red wine in hand, lights dimmed. Her and Dan are so talented. People loved them.

7:40pm: Stu Larsen takes the stage. Stu usually takes photos for me. In Fact Stu does everything. He is my tour manager as well as my merch guy, and driver on this tour. He’s incredible. So I thought tonight I’d give a little bit back and be his band photographer. How hard could it be? My brother is a great photographer. This sort of thing is probably genetic I thought. Turns out not to be. I took thirty five shots, made a spectacle of myself while doing so, and he deleted all except for two shots.

8:30pm: Start time. Tonight I played for 75 minutes. It was a really fun set. People here really listen! They range from teenagers, to people my parent’s age. Speaking of which we were invited to stay at a couples place. Colin and Ali have been to three of my shows and offered to have Stu and I stay. I said “Sure sounds great”. Stu said to me; “Oh so they’re family friends?” I said; “umm…no.” He said; “…right…” But it turned out to be fantastic.

11:30pm: We arrive at Colin and Ali’s and there are about seven or eight people sitting around a coffee table with an open fire drinking red wine and eating lemon pie (Col and Ali’s friend Rob has made Lemon pie). Interesting combination.

2:30am: Stu: long since in bed. Me: up with Colin, Ali, their friend Jo and her Daughter Maddy. We’re listening our way through Colin’s music collection after hearing the story of how he and Ali met and also how Colin burnt down the shed last year (he’s a man who loves fire). These are rare and special nights on tour. When you get to meet people share a little of their lives for a night.

3:00am: Bed Time. Early start.